Arrived from Miami’s sunny 81° to Cincinnati’s snowy 25°. Ninety minutes later, back in Lexington to unpack from Florida and pack for South Carolina. Still dragging rear from a late-but-amusing evening with Philip Bloom and new friends from Filmgate, I had just enough energy to edit this little driving timelapse of my daily morning commute from Hollywood Beach to the Lincoln Road mall parking garage. I listen to a lot of Beach Boys in my Florida rental cars and had gleefully saved my six-disc Made in California boxed set for this very trip. So I stuck the GoPro to the hood, and with the radio blasting, went cruisin’ just as fast as I could (all of 35mph).

Off today to Miami for Filmgate Interactive Media Conference. Seems not that long since last year’s Filmgate, where I attended Philip Bloom’s one-day workshop that culminated in a timelapse outing at South Pointe Park. We were taxied over in small groups from the Miami Beach Cinematheque, and being in the first group, I decided to go ahead and get set up. When Philip and the other groups arrived, they congregated some distance away. My timelapse already commenced, I couldn’t leave it unattended to join them. Thus I was left unattended, somewhat alone, thinking about the days, with Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not, the departing cruise ships, Floridian passersby, and the intervallic clicks that mark the lapsing of time.

The next day, I busted out the GoPro and drove to Key West. The battery only made it to Cudjoe Key. (The GoPro battery, not the car battery.)

This year, I’ll be with Philip Bloom for a three-day filmmaking workshop in the Everglades. I’ll try to stay with the group this time.

Each year in late October, some of my favorite people and I celebrate Harvest Fest. None of us harvest anything that I’m aware of, but it’s none funtheless. This year, Mat built an admirable bonfire complete with wood, cardboard, and a black leather sectional. I decided to timelapse the evening’s harvestivities at one exposure every five seconds. Coupled with music by Jordan Hancock, the result is a moonlit exploration into the consuming power of flame, fueled by friendship, stoked by fellowship, never to be extinguished.